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Bring Tibet To The World Cup 2018

Tibet will play in the World Cup
What seemed beyond our wildest imagination is now materializing. Tibetan National Football Team will play in the upcoming World Cup 2018 organized by CONIFA – the federation for football associations outside FIFA.
The venue will be held in London from May 31st through 9th June 2018. TNSA are determined to seize this historical opportunity for Tibetan football, bring our best National Football teams to London and represent Tibet in our very first World Cup. The World Cup only involves men’s team, but we will include our women’s National Team in the delegation and organize matches for them as well. We already have a fine selection of players in our National Teams as a foundation, but we will spend the coming months scouting and selecting the best players within the Tibetan community around the world, and subsequently prepare the teams for the big challenge they will face in London next year.
In order to make our dream come true, we kindly ask for your support and a donation on Generosity. The Tibetan Administration has kindly supported us with a financial contribution, but we need to raise additional 100.000 USD to cover flight tickets, visa, insurances, pocket money, accommodations, preparation camp and other costs bringing our men and womens teams to London in May 2018. Whatever your contribution is big or small it will help Tibet taking this giant step into history of world football. We hope for your support and that you spread the word in your community:

Click here to support Tibet in the World Cup on Generosity.org

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