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TNSA Objectives:

The Tibetan National Sports Association, Dharamsala, constantly attempts to promote sports in the Tibetan community in-Exile. One of the key attempts is to create and promote clubs in the various Tibetan areas in sports. This is an agenda that TNSA is pursuing with vigor. The emphasis on club formation and due recognition leads to several advantages:

  • The recognized clubs can be easily supported by the TNSA in the long term.
  • Tournaments in sporting events can be arranged for these recognized clubs.
  • Promotion of sports and general health and well being can be facilitated through these events
  • Granting due recognition to sporting clubs in the Tibetan community

Terms and Conditions for club affiliation and registration

Club Formation

  1. Every club must have a permanent name and logo.
  2. Every club must have an Advisory Board with 3 to 5 members. It is up to the club’s choice to appoint Advisory Board members. Each club will ensure that the members selected or elected be persons of standing who will assist in the club growth.
  3. A letter of acceptance from each Advisory Board Member must be submitted along with other documents and forms, bearing signature and stamp (if there is any).
  4. Every club must have a separate Management Committee with 3 to 5 members. This Management Committee shall have the sole responsibility of running the club and managing its affairs with consultations with the club’s Advisory Board.
  5. The club shall select the total of 16 players for the final tournament.  
  6. Those clubs that do not required to play qualification round must submit the list of the 16 players along with updated Green Book photo copy and two latest Passport Size Photos at the time of reporting at the final venue.  Don’t include a player who has no updated Green Book paid till 2017 in your team’s final list.  

New Rules for Qualification Round

The following rules shall be applied after successful registration of club to TNSA as part of 2018 GCMGC Football Tournament before the deadline of 20th February 2018 and required to play qualification round

  1. All players must be a Tibetan having Green Book issued by Department of Finance, Central Tibetan Administration
  2. No player/s are allowed to play GCMGC football tournament including qualifying round without updated Green Book (Paid till 2017)
  3. Before playing qualification round, the team manager has to make the final list of 16 players and NO need to send the list to TNSA office for the verification, but the list and green book document have to shown to the opponent team manager for the verification.  
  4. It is responsibility of team manager to check green book/photo copy of green book of opponent team before playing the qualification rounds.
  5. The same team will play all qualification rounds
  6. The team that qualified for the final tournament shall submit a list of 16 players with updated green book (paid till 2017) while reporting at the final venue as other clubs.
  7. Restriction of player playing for other club has been changed and now player/s can play in any other club if his team fails to qualify.
  8. Player/s from Est. 22 has to produce a valid leave certificate in place of Green Book, this is applicable to Tibetan player of Est. 22 only.
  1. All the College clubs are required to get recommendation letter either from nearest Tibetan Settlement office or TYC Centrex Dharamsala.

Club Affiliation:

  1. The club thus formed must apply for affiliation to the TNSA office, Dharamsala to be part of its programs and avail facilities on the prescribed forms
  2. The Management Committee of interested clubs, including those who participated in the 2016 tournament, must submit the following documents latest by 20th February 2018 for registration. Application will not be entertained, after given date.  Once we receives the complete documents, only then we shall confirm whether there is need of playing qualification round or not
    1. An application with the pledge that the club will abide the rules and regulations of the GCMGC football tournament.  
    2. Registration Fee (Rs. 10000) Ten Thousand
    3. Registration Form (available from TNSA website (www.tibetansports.org)
    4. Recommendation Letter from Settlement Officer

Note for Important matter: The team registration will not be acceptable, if any of the above required documents is missing, resulting in disqualification from the participation of 2017 GCMGC tournament. From last year we have not asked the list of players in advance. You can submit the final list of 16 players while reporting at venue. Your application will also not be considered until we receive the fee on the given date.

  1. The affiliation and registration fee is Rs. 10000/- (Ten thousand) this is not refundable. The club must remit the same promptly along with the other documents given date to TNSA. This can be paid in cash/money order or through bank draft in favor of TIBETAN NATIONAL SPORTS ASSOCIATION, Dharamsala.
  2. Registration is yearly basis and all clubs has to register every year irrespective of participation in the previous year or not.
  3. TNSA reserves the right to grant affiliation or reject an application if it deems necessary without assigning reasons thereof.
  4. The TNSA reserves the right to suspend or terminate a membership of any club from TNSA when there is valid reason for doing so.

Entry for tournaments:

  1. All the club players must have valid and updated Green Book (photo copy) issued by the Department of finance CTA and required to produce at the time of reporting venue with attestation from Settlement Officer.
  2. If there is more than one registered club from above same region, then qualifying round has to be played.
  3. Respective managements of the clubs are responsible for organizing qualifying matches to send the winner for the final tournament.  
  4. TNSA shall sanction Rs. 2000 to those clubs who need to play qualifying matches to meet expenses of qualifying matches.
  5. TNSA shall sanction 50% of the registration fee if any team has to travel more than 400 km (round trip) to play qualification rounds.
  6. All the qualifying matches must be completed by 15 March 2017, if required.
  7. The participating club in the tournament must produce a letter of pledge from the Advisory Board and the Management Committee upholding the ethics and code of conduct of players framed by TNSA.
  8. Provision of traveling allowances to participating teams has been dispensed with by the Governing Body effective from the year 2010. However, TNSA shall arrange boarding and lodging facilities to the out station participating teams during the tournament. 
  9. 11 a side game shall be played
  10. Club can down load the club registration forms from TNSA website. www.tibetansports.org

Organizing Committee




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Email: office@tibetansports.org Website: www.tibetansports.org