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Tibetan National Sports Association (TNSA) is happy to announce that the 2017 GCMGC Football Tournament is to be held at Dhondenling Tibetan Settlement Kollegal, South India. The commencement date of the tournament is fixed on 8th April 2017. Club wishing to participate in the tournament are requested to see the Terms and Conditions set by TNSA before registration.

One of the primary objectives of TNSA is organizing the GCMGC tournament is to encourage establishment of regular clubs and invite them to play in the tournament. However, in the past many clubs were found to be formed at the last minute albeit having met the terms and conditions of TNSA. Therefore, while doing away with such problem and keeping in view of the aspiration of the association TNAS has decided to restrict the number of participating club/terms each settlement or region started from 2010 GCMGC tournament. As such, since the 2017 tournament is be played in South India, the number of permissible combined team from each region is given below, TNSA reserves the right to apply the same rules to other places too, if there are many teams from one region or settlement.

South India region-wise permissible teams:

REGION Permissible Number of Team
Dhondenling Tibetan Settlement (Kollegal) Two Teams
Rabgyaling Tibetan  Settlement  (Hunsur) One Team
Lugsam Tibetan  Settlement (Bylakuppe) One Team
Dickyi Larsoe Tibetan Settlement (Bylakuppe) One Team
Doeguling Tibetan Settlement (Mundgod) One Team
Tamil Nadu, Kerala and A P One Team
Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore One Team
Hubli, Dawar and Goa One Team

Therefore, all the interested clubs, including those who participated in the 2016 tournament, must submit an application, registration fee and registration form and supporting letter from their respective Settlement Officer to this office latest by 20th February 2017 for registration in the 2017 tournament. Once we received the document, only we can confirm whether there is need to be played qualification round or not. Documents after the above dead line will not be entertained. Club managements are required to understand the Terms and Conditions before applying for the tournament. There are some changes in qualification rounds.

Note: Club management is required to log on www.tibetansports.org for Terms and Conditions. For further information, kindly contact us without hesitation.

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